Dermalift Non-Surgical Facelift 
with jaw sculpt


This non-invasive alternative to Botox, uses the latest microcurrent technology to help to re-educate muscle fibres,  increasing skin elasticity and hydration.


A course of Dermalift Microface Intense treatments will help target and re-educate the muscles that are responsible for crows feet, frown lines, lip wrinkles and sagging jowls. Results can be seen from the from the very first treatment but just like going to the gym, the best results will be gained from regular sessions so a course of 6-10 treatments twice weekly are recommended followed by monthly maintenance.


This results-driven treatment doesn't just help your facial muscles. Collagen production is stimulated, the skin's absorption of active product ingredients is maximised and circulation is enhanced. This leads to your skin looking brighter, healthier and more plumped. 

Microface Intense Non-Surgical Facial

60 mins                             £55

(Course of x6 treatments £315  x10 treatments £500)

This focuses on lifting the contours of the face by firming and toning key facial muscles

Jaw Sculpt

30 mins                             £30

This targets untoned muscles around the jawline helping lift, firm & redefine the contours of the lower face

Add on treatment

A.D.L.A - Advanced Dermalift Lymphatic Activation

15mins                           £10

A.D.L.A. treatment provides advanced lymphatic drainage enhancing the results of the Dermalift Intense. Perfect for treating surplus water retention, dark circles under the eyes, soft loose skin along the jaw line and congested skin